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Shabbat Service

Saturdays 10:30am

Shabbat Celebrations include joyful worship of our Savior and Redeemer. Our Davidic Dance Team offers praise. We come to our Abba in prayer. We recite the Shema as body. We receive a teaching from our Rabbi from the Holy Scriptures, be sure to bring pen and paper, you will want to take notes!
Service concludes with blessing on the congregation.

Meet us back at 2:00 for Torah Class, we study from the weekly Torah portion. This is held in a open classroom format, questions and comments are strongly encouraged.

Services are open to all; visitors are welcome!


Tuesday Scripture Study

Tuesdays 7:00 pm

Study with us! The study is a two-way conversation, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.



*On Occasion*

On occasion we will have an Oneg. Oneg will be announced by Rabbi, and will be included in the announcements. They will follow the Shabbat Celebration. For those who are new to our covered-dish meal, most families bring a food item or two to share with the congregation. (No pork or shellfish please.) Soft drinks, bottled water, table wear, and utensils are provided. Everyone is welcome whether they bring food or not! There is always plenty for everyone including those visiting the congregation.

Please come eat with us! The fellowship is so much fun!