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Meet Our Rabbi

Rabbi William Hallbrook’s past experience as a teacher is evident. His messages will not only strengthen you in your faith, but they will teach you, that you may also strengthen others in their faith.

Rabbi is a graduate of the University of Akron. Having served in various capacities of ministry to both Jewish and Gentile communities, he currently holds two ordinations and is licensed under His Image -Hope Ministries. He has served full time in ministry since the 90s. Rabbi has appeared on various television and radio programs. He has faithfully lead Sar Shalom since it’s beginning, with his lovely wife (on the inside and out!) and many beautiful children.
Roger And Lori Eggeman

Roger and Lori Eggeman

Lori serves as Administrator and Roger serves as an Elder. They have a heart for Israel and God’s people. They’ve been a part of the Community for 13 years. Lori also serves as a financial overseer.
Pastor Louanne Miller

Pastor Louanne Miller

Pastor Louanne Miller serves as a shamash within the Sar community.  She also helps direct and organize functions within our community. Pastor Louanne holds ordination and is also a full-time pastor at her church.
Ted And Linda Stone

Ted and Linda Stone

Ted and Linda Stone serve as youth group ministers. They plan and host many youth and family activities within the community.  Everybody loves them!
Juanita Schoppelrei

Juanita Schoppelrei

Juanita Schoppelrei serves as worship Leader at Sar. Her gifts and talents are much appreciated!
Laura Reed

Laura Reed

Laura Reed serves as children’s Torah teacher and oversees the children’s Bible studies.
Tom And Terry Ruckman

Tom and Terry Ruckman

Tom Ruckman is an ordained Messianic Teacher and serves as a teacher within our community. He ans his wife Terry also serve on the prayer team.
Maureen And Lee Meir

Maureen and Lee Meir

Maureen And Lee Meir oversee and direct the singles fellowship and oneg ministry
Amy And Ben Mutti

Amy and Ben Mutti

Ben and Amy both serve by overseeing our youth ministry. Amy serves as a Torah teacher. Both are actively involved in the community

Steve and Linda McElhatten

Steve faithfully serves as Torah teacher and he and Linda serve together on our prayer team.

Mary Neumann

Mary faithfully serves as Davidic dance instructor.